Friday, January 8, 2010

Because Pablo Said So.

My husband has a ton of friends. I have a small handful. I have only had the pleasure of meeting a few of his friends more than once for the usual reason of people landing in different places as we grow older.

After a busy October, we decided to skip family visits in November and spend our first Thanksgiving alone. We moved to Michigan this summer and the six hour drive back to where my family is in Pittsburgh is becoming harder the older our daughter gets. My husband's family is in Florida, so again money and traveling with a 14 month old is getting a lot harder.

I was excited when my husband announced his friend Pablo would be joining us for Thanksgiving. It would give me a distraction from the pang of sadness I kept pushing down at the thought of not being in Pittsburgh for a major holiday. I love getting ready for company.
I had a mix of nerves and excitement that I get whenever I meet someone new. I was excited to have someone other than a toddler to talk to during the day. This would force my husband and I to talk about something other than the usual (work, money, our daughter, etc.).

Pablo arrived the day after Thanksgiving. I only "knew" Pablo from my husband's stories and a few pictures. I already liked him though, for a reason that may sound shallow at first, but I assure you it came from a good place. Pablo sent us two very nice gifts off our registry for our daughter when she was born. I immediately like someone who does something nice for my daughter, until they give me a reason otherwise. When the Honda Insight pulled into our driveway, I knew Pablo would be exactly as I had pictured.

I am full of opinions, and tend to ramble loudly about my many opinions when I'm nervous. I like to think it's because I like people to know where I stand, but I'm pretty sure it's because I like to hear myself talk. I was relieved however when Pablo seemed to not mind my opinions too much, and seemed to relax and fall into our relaxed and somewhat lazy routine.

We had about a day and a half worth of conversations between the three of us, when the topic that I dread around my husband's friends reared it's head. My husband is college professor and most of his friends have careers. I never went to college, I had plans to but life got in the way. I have only had jobs. I can't remember how it started, or even who started it, but the question of what I might want to do when our daughter and any future children we may have, have headed off to school. I answered that my dream job would to be a published writer. I just never know where to start. Pablo said, "Start with a blog".

I am not sure what the tone or theme of this blog will be, but I am sure it'll focus a lot on my family and my many opinions, but I thought I should give it a try because Pablo said so.

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  1. I'm delighted you started this blog, but I'm not sure you should give me any credit. I just pushed you down the path you wanted to walk.



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