Monday, January 25, 2010

The Before

I am definitely my mother's daughter. I don't think I am nearly as creative or as ambitious as she is, but I'm getting there. Growing up there was always a project on the weekend, a room to paint, furniture to rearrange, a garage sale purchase to redo. There was always an end vision. I could never quite keep up with it, but always was impressed by in the end.

The older I get the more I am tapping into my own inner vision. I know what I'm looking for, and I know that I won't settle for good enough. I now understand that good enough is not enough and things can always be better. I also understand that better doesn't mean quantity or expense, just quality and making the most of the situation.

So with all this in mind, I am prepping for a redo of Miss Thing's room this spring. I rushed the decorating of it, because I wanted her space to be settled as soon as possible. I am keeping the main theme but bumping the colors up, adding a border, and doing some rearranging. I had been searching for a border for awhile now, and low and behold found a perfect one at Big Lots of all places. The room already has animal decals I purchased at Target awhile back, but when I went in search of more the pattern had been discontinued. Icie and I were wasting time last Sunday giving my husband a quiet house to enjoy football in when we found the border with her same animals for $3 a roll. I bought all of them, and some extra animals just in case I have some fatalities when I peel up to repaint.

I cannot wait for the first semi-warm weekend in spring to paint. The walls are going berry pink and creamsicle orange. The purple and yellow are just too sweet, not my style again I rushed the choice and played it safe. The sweetness doesn't really match my Icie's style either, she's got sass. I'm also thinking of a new changing table, or a revamping of the current one, something that hopefully can be removed or redone in another year or so when the potty training starts. My mind is swimming with possibilities.

Stayed tuned for the after!

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