Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I asked for it...

A week ago we headed to the Detroit Airport for a trip to Florida. We were on the road and I started teasing my husband about our move to Michigan. I told him he promised me snow! I was whining and complaining about the wimpy flurries we'd been having, when back home in Pittsburgh it seemed they were having the snow I was dreaming about. I missed the winters we had when I was little, before we moved closer to Pittsburgh. We lived in northwestern Pennsylvania until I was about six, and the winters were magical. I loved snow! I loved snow, because it meant sled rides and snowmen and the tingle of your body defrosting when you finally came inside.

As I got older snow became less fun. Snow meant slush and freezing roads, and waking up two hours early to clean the car. The snow didn't seem to stick around as long, and the beautiful white blankets that I had loved became slushy dirty yuck!

I wanted Icie to have the romance with snow that I had when I was younger, but all we were getting were these crappy flurries.

It turns out that our trip to Florida was a bust, after spending the night at a hotel by the airport Icie woke up in the middle of the night with a fever of 102.8, and by morning the puking had commenced. My little bird had a nasty virus causing the fever and puking, and a trip to the doctor also revealed a throat infection, luckily not strep but nasty none the less.

We were all bummed out about our missed trip and bird being sick, and to add insult to injury I was logging onto Facebook every morning to read the status updates of my PA friends cursing the snow I so sorely was missing. I would not be sad for long, over the past few days my good friend snow has more then made up for his tardiness. It's beautiful! I only wish Icie wasn't sick so I could introduce her to snow the right way! Hopefully it'll stick around for a little longer and we can test out her snow boots and snowsuit soon!

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