Saturday, January 9, 2010

Life in Gymboree Land.

We moved into our new house in June, and an out of state move and some confusion about our home buyer's tax credit has put decorating on hold. The lack of decor has been a blessing in disguise. The living room is a really nice size and our scaled back Ikea furniture from our tiny old place has left a lot of open space for a little walker. The room however is being slowly overtaken by toys. My mom says I live in Gymboree Land. Oh well Gymboree Land will have to do until I can get my decorating on, and the banish the toys to the to be finished basement. We figure sometime before we have another walker in our midst we will have caught up and I will have what every mom dreams about, a completely sealed off, unviewable area for the insanity.
In the meantime the toys just keep coming, for Christmas we bought Icie the Fisher Price Grow With Me Kitchen. I love it! The kitchen comes with all the accessories that a one year old needs and all of them are large enough that I don't worry about Miss Thing shoving one in her mouth and choking. I also scored the kitchen when Toys R Us was running a bundle sale. I actually went to look at a cheaper model, but the sale allowed me to get the kitchen and a grocery cart set with more toys all within my budget, score! The best part about the kitchen is that as Miss Thing grows, you can raise it up a level revealing two more doors and another shelf . Icie loves her kitchen.
Last night during after bath time wind down, Icie was doing her normal routine. Every minute or so my husband or I would be treated from a special dish from the kitchen, it's usually Foofa in a Cup (for those of you who don't have a constant loop of Nick Jr playing in their house, Foofa is a character from Yo Gabba Gabba). My husband notices in the middle of our several course meal served by Chef Icie that in between courses Icie has added a new addition to her routine. The little princess was "washing" her hands between each course in the kitchen sink. I am hoping to catch a picture of this but no luck last night.
I know this may all sound like no big deal to the average person, and to me at first it was just cute. I was struck later in the evening when I was trying to get some sleep before the inevitable wake up sometime between 2am and 4am with just how much the little bird pays attention to what I am doing throughout the day. I sometimes feel bad because she is a bit of a Daddy's girl, but something as little as her pretending to wash her hands melts my heart. I know she sees me doing that at least a few times a day while she watches me in the kitchen from her highchair during meals.
So I am going to try to enjoy Life in Gymboree Land for as long as I have an audience, because I know it's only a matter of time before she's stomping up the steps and slamming her door.
The pictures at the top are from the Fisher Price Website, They also make a pink and purple version, which is the one we have for Icie.

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