Wednesday, January 20, 2010

That's Not Makeup.

It's been a rough week in our house. It's only Wednesday. I decided to tackle breaking two baby habits in one week. I've been tapering the use of bottles during the day. We bought a variety of sippy cups, and Icie determined that the tall skinny ones are her favorites. We tried to make it fun, two with Ni Hao Kai Lan characters and two with Backyardigan characters. I use my silly, excited voice that I used to use to ask her if she wanted a ba-ba, but now I say cuppie. I never thought I'd use words like ba-ba and cuppie, but they just fly out of my mouth, without effort or thought. Icie seems to be adjusting well, we've got her down to just night-time bottles if needed. I'm hoping we can have all bottles cut out within the next month.
The second baby habit is proving to be a bit more difficult. We have always kept a loose nap schedule for Icie. I usually put her down for a nap sometime after lunch, and however long she naps is great. I'm trying to institute a formal nap time, two hours whether she likes it or not. I am hoping this strict routine will in someway influence her sleep habits at night. We never know what we are going to get, but we are pretty much guaranteed at least two wake ups, sometimes more. The funny thing is that Icie has become a worse sleeper than she was as an infant, it seems that since she hit teething we've been screwed. I thought we had a sleeper on our hands and I bragged and God punished me for my cockiness. I've adjusted to the lack of sleep, and luckily my husband is an amazing help. We have developed a sleep in shifts type of strategy that makes it bearable. We do however have the days where it just catches up with one or the both of us, today is one of those days. I knew it hit my husband hard when this afternoon as I talked on the phone he nodded off sitting completely upright on the couch, for about 30 minutes. I finished my phone call and he sat up and asked if he'd been sleeping. I realized it hit me today after dinner. Icie had her bath and I was changing into pajamas. I was standing in our bathroom, brushing my teeth, looking in the mirror I thought to myself, "Man my eye makeup really ran today". I grabbed a makeup removing wipe from the vanity and started scrubbing, it wasn't coming off. I scrubbed some more, nothing. After about two minutes of vigorous scrubbing, I realized I didn't put makeup on today. I hadn't had any makeup on since I washed my face last night. I was 24 hours makeup free. I then thought to myself, "HOLY CRAP PLAYER, that's not leftover makeup that's THE BLACK CIRCLES UNDER MY EYES!"
Someday we will sleep again, someday.

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