Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I'm wearing a Steelers t-shirt. I could really live with or without football. I found a vintage inspired Steelers tee at Old Navy this weekend, $5.99 on clearance. I bought it. I miss Pittsburgh. I'm not all that envious of the 26 inches of snow they have now, but I miss it none the less.
I could list all the typical things that a Pittsburgher misses while being away from home, but it all sounds cliche. I miss it all.
I more intensely miss New Kensington, the suburb where I spent most of my life. I don't think there's anyplace quite like it.
I miss seeing a pregnant woman in a tube top riding a bicycle at 10pm on a Friday night through downtown. I miss Bitar's, even though they were closed before I left, I still have a hankering for their special salad today. I miss Buffalo Bills and Rosa's Pizza. I miss hearing the pride in people's voices when they talk about the days when New Ken was a mob run town. I miss the best Giant Eagle around, and my fuel perks. I miss it all!

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