Monday, February 1, 2010

I want to thank you.

There are tons of things that I am thankful for, all the obvious ones should go without saying. These are just some of the trivial things that make me smile throughout the day.
I want to thank you Pixar. I think any mom or dad would totally understand this thank you. I want to say an extra special thank you for Monster's Inc and Starz On Demand for giving us the opportunity to try out this older selection in the Pixar library. I love James P Sullivan for his mesmerizing effect on my daughter and that even with her raging double ear infection I was able to peel her off of me with Sulley on screen to take a shower. My husband I'm sure is thankful too.

I want to thank the lovely people at Johnson and Johnson for Baby Oil Gel. I am in love with this product. I especially love the Shea butter and vitamin e varieties. This gel is a miracle, it keeps winter skin soft and has performed a miracle on the stretch marks I got during pregnancy.
I want to thank the makers of The Super Yard XT for saving my TV and various components from being ruined by sticky fingers, and also protecting a little head from more than one close calls with the fireplace. In the same category I also need to say that whoever invented the Evenflo Crosstown Soft Portable Gate is a genius. The Evenflo gate fits across the wide opening from my living room to kitchen, it's a smooth surface so my little escape artist has no leverage, plus it fold to the size of an umbrella for travel.

I am also thankful that after an extended trip with the new and improved walking Icie, my family no longer finds my containment tactics for the wild woman cruel.

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