Friday, February 26, 2010

Just Dance!

I am in love, L-O-V-E with the dance inspired looks that have been showing up in every store for little girls. So much in love that I splurged a few weeks ago and bought Icie this look from Gymboree.

I justified the splurge by explaining the wonders of Gymbucks to my husband,"Baby I know this is more that I would normally spend, but you get the coupons, and really in the long run I made us money on this purchase." Ultimately my husband doesn't really care what I spend, but he's used to my amazing sale deals, and I really was trying to justify this all to myself. I had an emotional reaction when I saw this outfit. The green tutu reminded me of my own dancer days. I was a cricket in my first (and I think only) dance recital. I was four, it was in a real theater, on a real stage, and though my memories are hazy I'm pretty sure I was like the best cricket ever. I tapped my little heart out. I still have the costume, and I tried it on Icie this fall.
You understand my nostalgia now, right? I made my way to the outlets today, and again using my coupon logic, bought Miss Thing one more dance inspired outfit for spring/summer. This time my logic was applied to Carter's gift check system, and the outfit was on clearance already and not even half the cost of the skirt from Gymboree. This one is a little more 80's inspired.

Icie seems excited about these outfits too. I plopped her in her crib this afternoon as I unloaded our shopping bags and put away laundry. I held up her new tutus and she clapped and smiled and did a little dance before she flung herself down and continued rolling in her crib in joy. I'm fairly certain I'm creating a monster. A clothes crazy, shoe loving monster. There could be worse things I suppose.

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