Thursday, February 4, 2010

What Icie Wore Today.

I have been obsessed with Fashion Blogs lately, I have started to follow several of them this week. I love seeing how different people mix and match and accessorize. My own style is non-existent. Most days I wear jeans and one of my husband's t-shirts. I'll occasionally wear one of my own sweaters if we are heading out somewhere for the day. This blog is a part of my lengthy list of New Year's resolutions. I am having some trouble with my other resolutions. I would love to be less fat and more fabulous, the only problem is I love food and exercise not so much. So I am going to try to be fat and fabulous for now as I work towards just fabulous. It's all a work in progress as always, but for now I'll live through my mini fashion diva. So this is what Icie wore today.

T-shirt -Carters via Babies R Us - clearance $2.00
Leggings -Carters-gift from Abuela Barbie
Boots -Laura Ashley-gift from Grandma Weezey
Hair Bow- So Dorable via Walmart- $3.50 ish for a 4 pack
Sippy Cup-Munchkin via Meijer- $6ish for 2 pack

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