Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Adult Best Friends Necklace.

Today I am 29 again. I'm enjoying the afternoon quiet of a little crank pot, double ear infection having, fit throwing, used to be my sweet Icie. I'm not sure how long it will be before the stack of blocks piss her off, or the Tylenol wears off, but I'm hopeful. It's been a rough week, the ear infections coupled with the slow slide into terrible two tantrums are a deadly combination. We've been seeing a move that my husband and I lovingly refer to as "The Protester" on a regular basis. I think most parents know what we mean by this, it's the moment when you go to move your little angel away from whatever it is they've gotten into this time and they go completely limp. Icie is a master at this move, it's as though she no longer has joints when she really gets into a fit. Shoulders and knees completely disappear.

I'm just enjoying the quiet for now though, trying to avoid eye contact. I'm ducked behind my laptop, only sticking my head around the corner when I hear movement. I'm also admiring my birthday gift from my husband. I love it! It's a nice distraction to have something pretty to look at when you are avoiding eye contact with the child that has taken over my sweet Icie's body this week.

I showed my husband a few Esty sites that I was loving a while back. I kinda had a feeling he picked one of the necklaces I'd been eyeing but seeing it in person was great. It has several different colored metal charms on it, each one with something special to me engraved on it. It is an adult version of The Best Friends necklace. My husband is my best friend, and it's nice to have something that reminds me of all the most important things we share dangling from my neck all day. I'll appreciate the charm that represents my little crank pot a little more when the antibiotics start to kick in.

Here's a picture of a necklace that's kind of similar to the one my husband got me.

Here's the link for the necklace makers blog
I checked it out after my necklace arrived, it looks like they have give aways and coupon codes on regular basis posted there.
Here's the link for their Etsy shop
They have so many neat ways to personalize things, love the whole site. I think this maybe the first of many pieces I'll be hinting for from their store.
I think this goes without saying, but this a completely unsolicited rave for sTuck in the Coop, although if they somehow read this post and want to send me free stuff, I won't turn it away, wink, wink. I'm sure they appreciate the traffic of my little blog reading about their product just as much as the entire readership of US Weekly.


  1. Wow, I absolutely love that necklace and the idea behind it! How neat is that?!

    I'm sorry that another demon child has overtaken Icie this week. The same demon overtook Anna last week and makes an appearance at our house a few times every week. It's so much fun. :sarcasm:

  2. I'm glad that it seems to be the age, and not just Icie. Sick or not the "protests" are almost daily lately.


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