Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pay Me Now, Or Pay Me Later.

In a land far away and a time long ago, I had a job. I had a job in which I helped people. I worked in an office with a bunch of moody women. These moody women made the fact that I was helping people a moot point. The mood in the office was greatly dependent upon our boss. The boss was hard to read, a bit of liar, somewhat two-faced, and ultimately out for only herself. There was a tragic story that was used to explain away her behavior, and for the most part I tried not to let her get to me. I failed miserably in that pursuit. I want people to like me. I hate making mistakes, and unfortunately the boss lady was a master exploiter. I am so guilty of allowing the exploitation. There was one thing that she said that got me everytime, whether it was talking me into overtime or training for another unpaid added responsibilty she would always work this into her speech of "gentle" persuasion she'd say, "I'm like the dentist, you pay me now or you pay for it later."
Yesterday after successfully avoiding the dentist for 20 years I was forced into submission. I sat in the chair and in my head was the old boss lady's stupid face and voice repeating her stupid favorite saying over and over. I waited patiently as the dental hygienist took what seemed like a million x-rays and an extensive cleaning. I sat quietly as I enjoyed my strawberry fluoride treatment. I watched the Food Network on the overhead flat screen TV as I nervously waited to see how much I was going to pay. The old boss lady was still taunting me when the dentist walked in and started reviewing my x-rays.
The dentist was pleased to tell me that she was amazed at my dental health. Granted everything was not perfect, but the dentist assured me it was no worse than someone that was on a regular dental care schedule. I was escorted to the check out desk to schedule my follow up visit and settle the bill. I was a little nervous as this was the first time using our new dental insurance. I was pleasantly surprised to hear I had no copay! It was free!
So now after all this time I wish I could say to the old boss lady, "You are in fact nothing like the dentist, because the dentist was free, bitch" I just threw the bitch in for good measure, sorry to make this blog a little more PG 13 for my repressed bitterness about that old job. I know it's not pretty but it rears it's ugly head every so often.

As a little side note today, my little blog hits two milestones this week. This is my 20th post! I know, small potatoes in the blogosphere but major victory for me and my inability to commit to anything. Also I now have 5 followers and 1 of which is someone I don't know "in real life"! So thank you to Natalie from for being a follower, and to my other followers and/or lurkers check out her blog. Natalie is always good for a laugh and her daughter Anna is adorable. I apologize for my extreme nerdiness and excitement about these completely small milestones, but they are mine and I am really enjoying this blogging thing.


  1. Aww, that is so sweet, thank you! Your story made me laugh - especially the "bitch" part. We all have co-irkers/bosses like that, don't we? I swear I need 5 years of therapy from one of the "mean girls" I used to work with. Bastards!

  2. I know, right? It took me a good while to decompress from that job and now as Icie slides into the terrible two's a little too early for my liking I catch myself missing it, then I slap myself back into reality.


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