Saturday, March 20, 2010

Easter Bunny

We took Icie to see the Easter Bunny this morning. I had low expectations. I thought she maybe entering the "weird" phase for these types of things. She did well at her first Santa pictures this year but closer to Christmas when we attempted a second visit for a picture with all the cousins she freaked out.

Last Easter she was still in her happy go lucky pre-teething phase. I also had my niece Ella along for distraction. Icie loved the Easter Bunny and we had several pictures to choose from, some solo and some with Ella.

So this morning I wasn't sure what to expect from our little wild woman. We met a friend for breakfast and then headed over to the mall. I was hoping that the big breakfast would keep Miss Thing happy. I was also hoping to be first in line, the less waiting the better.

My plan seemed to work. We were first in line, and Icie shook with excitement while waiting for the camera to be ready. She smiled and pulled at the Easter Bunny's fur. She looked up at the Easter Bunny and jabbered away. I have no idea what she was saying but she kept talking as we paid for the pictures. She seemed disappointed when I strapped her back into her stroller. The hardest part about the whole experience was getting Miss Thing to stop flapping her trap and to actually look at the camera. I was pleased with the picture. I only wish she would have smiled as big at the camera as she did when she was talking away.

Oh and by the way, her outfit is the result of Gymboree's evil plot to bankrupt us with the allure of those damn Gymbucks. She has a cute little denim skirt on too, but it's hard to see in the pictures. The denim skirt is the result of Old Navy's evil plot, with it's Visa Rewards and Friends and Family discounts.


  1. Icie looks adorable!!
    She was asking the Easter Bunny why he's yellow. While not as "hood" as the notorious dirty pink bunny, it's still just not right. lol

  2. Thanks! The picture actually makes him look worse than he really was too, much cuter in person. I was pleased considering this was the same mall that had Dora at the cash for gold store.


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