Friday, March 5, 2010

I Want To Thank You - The Booger Edition

It is seriously Booger Fest 2010 in our house this week. It started with a trickle earlier this week and now I feel like I'm up to my elbows in baby boogers. So without further adieu I bring you I want to thank you, the booger edition.

Johnson's Soothing Vapor Bath, a miracle for the bedtime bath. I having been using this since the little bird was around 6 months old. I start at the hint of congestion or the start of a trickle of boogies. I usually keep it apart of the routine until all the symptoms pass, I swear it has kept many a cold from getting unbearable.

Vicks Baby Rub, again another bedtime routine favorite. I usually put a dab on each foot and on Miss Thing's chest. I hated Vicks as a kid, but it works and at least the Baby Rub is a little less abrasive. I am just glad that Miss Thing can't give me any lip about it yet.

Little Noses' Sterile Saline Nasal Mist is a every diaper change routine when the boogies are flowing. I've tried a couple of other versions of Little Noses' Saline products but the mist in the aerosol container is the best. It's quick and easy, I'm in and out each nostril before the meltdown even begins.

The Crane Humidifier, Elephant Style, is really an every night thing, not just boogie nights, but really earns it's keep during the long long boogie nights. Besides the fact that it is super cute, it's also super quiet. I remember having a humidifier in room as a kid and I remember hearing a constant drip, and there was no cute animal to make me smile. The elephant is really for me, there was a debate at Target when Icie was a month old over which humidifier to buy. The elephant and I triumphed!
The unsung hero of Booger Fest 2010 is Icie's stuffed monkey from Osh Kosh BGosh. I unfortunately don't have a picture of Monkers Monkers as he is affectionately called by all in the house. Monkers does not leave Icie's crib unless she is sick or we are traveling, so there are not many photo ops for the little guy. Monkers becomes a snot rag in addition to night time snuggle buddy during times of need, and for his faithful service he gets a ride or two in the washing machine and dryer during each bout with the boogers.
So fine people of Johnson's, Vicks, Little Noses', Crane and Osh Kosh BGosh, Icie and I and her boogers want to thank you!

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