Monday, March 22, 2010

Model Monday Week Two

Leggings-Carter's-Gift from Tia Regla
Socks-Baby Gap- Gift from Tia Regla
Shoes-Stride Rite Outlet- $14.95
Miss Thing woke up with a low fever today, so we decided to keep it comfy. There is a fleece baby doll hoodie that goes with the leggings, but with a fever we decided to stick with the t-shirt. I love the Stride Rite Outlet. Icie is a tip toe walker, and Stride Rites seem to be the only shoes that kind of force her into walking on her whole foot and not her toes. Regular priced Stride Rites are a little crazy but the outlet has great deals. I recently got her some white dressier shoes and some brown canvas maryjane skimmers, both pairs $25. Fifteen dollars is about the max that I'm willing to spend on shoes for her because it seems she's growing out of them about every 3 months.
Okay, now for the update on my end of the Model Monday project. I am trying to weigh myself at the same time every Monday morning, around seven-thirtyish. I am also very careful about where I weigh myself. Our scale is self balancing and depending on what type of flooring you place it on your weight can vary by a few pounds. I am sticking to one piece of tile in the bathroom. I am pretty pleased with this week's results. I am encouraged that starting with controlling my calories and slowly adding some light cardio seems to be a good start. I hope as I add more exercise this all becomes a little easier.
Week One Weight Loss = 2.4 pounds

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