Monday, March 15, 2010

Model Monday

I've mentioned it before on this blog, I love fashion blogs. I follow several. I have my favorites. I prefer personal style journals. My two favorites at the moment are and I am sure that if either of these bloggers caught a glimpse of my own personal style they would have a nice laugh. I am way too much of dork (not to mention a fatty) to ever pull off anything close to cool.

I used to love shopping, now if it just depresses me. I have a "mommy" wardrobe ( and I just threw up a bit in my mouth having actually typed that). If it doesn't have some kind of stretch to it, I'm not wearing it.

It's Monday, which means it's the start of another diet. I'm hoping by posting on here I'll have some accountability. I'm starting with food logging and calorie restrictions. I'm also starting with a walking plan and hope to add more intense workouts as I move along.

So the accountability comes into play with placing my goal online, and each Monday will be my check in point to report on my progress.

These are the goals:
  1. To have an overall healthier lifestyle (I know, I know, cop out goal but I'm still putting it out there)
  2. To lose 75 pounds by Icie's 2nd birthday (November 6, 2010)
  3. To feel confident enough by October 4, 2010 to participate in Model Monday with Icie.
  4. To lose 100 pounds by my 31st birthday (March 25, 2011)
  5. To try one new recipe a week from one of my many healthy cookbooks.

So now every Monday will be an update of my progress and sharing one of Icie's many many outfits. Icie's outfit ( and eventually mine ) will always be an example of my many coupons and sale finds because I never pay full price for anything. So without further delay, Model Monday!
Monkey Hoodie - Children's Place - Gift from Aunt Mandy
Pink Polka Dot Bodysuit -Carter's - $2.50
Dress- Old Navy- $3.49
Tights -Target- $1.50
Shoes-?- Gift from Grandma
I will try for better pictures as the weeks progress, but between my poor photography skills and that fact that unless she's strapped down the child does not stop moving I'm lucky to get what I get.
Fridays are going to become Fun with Food Fridays, where I will fill you in on the recipe of the week, wish me luck!

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