Monday, March 29, 2010

Model Monday

Shirt,Skirt,& Shoes - All gifts from Grandma
Tights- Meijer- $3.50
Flower - Walgreens- $5.50 for 3 pack
Earrings - Claire's- $9.99 for 3 pack

Grandma came this weekend and brought a bag full of goodies for the little bird. I plan outfits for the whole week for Miss Thing, and we made all our outfits last night and still have enough for next week before we even get through all the clothes my mom brought for Miss Thing. We are calling today's look Prairie Chic with a little Bling. It was nice to have family here this weekend , but it went far too fast.
My end of the Model Monday bargain was not held up this week. I took a huge downturn this week as far as my discipline was concerned. Turning 30 did a number on me. I indulged a little too much in birthday treats. It was really just the spoonful of sugar that I needed to make the medicine of turning 30 a little easier this year. The good news is that I didn't gain anything, but then again I didn't loose anything either. Oh well, back in the saddle.

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