Friday, April 16, 2010

Food Fun Friday -Brinner

I was in the mood for something sweet tonight. I needed sugar. I decided we were going to have Brinner. I just got a new cookbook that has a whole chapter on French Toast. It's one of "The Hungry Girl" cookbooks. These cookbooks are great because they give you a ton of healthy substitutes to create you favorite dishes. I didn't follow one particular recipe for French Toast. I decided to mix and match. I used a lite hot dog bun to make a loaded peanut butter and banana French Toast sandwich. It was delicious and the whole thing was less than 350 calories. It was just what I needed to satisfy my sweet tooth. I had an egg over easy and one slice of turkey bacon to round out my meal. I had budgeted my calories to have four slices of turkey bacon, but it tasted like ass. Bacon just isn't bacon unless it comes from the hog. My entire meal with a little dollop of lite Cool Whip for my French Toast came to about 500 calories. Check out The Hungry Girl website for great ideas and tips for low calorie dishes, I also use to track my calories. Fitday is awesome, you can find the calorie content for just about anything and with a free account you can create a personal log. I use my log to track my calories daily and to try to stick to my goals. There is also an exercise log and a goal log to track your progress. It is an awesome, awesome tool and it's FREE!

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