Friday, April 2, 2010

Fun Food Friday

I'm pleased to announce that my new recipe a week plan has been going great. I've tried a bunch of recipes from Cook Yourself Thinner Faster. All of the recipes I've tried from the book have been very tasty and all under 500 calories.
Tonight we went with the orange beef. It was delicious! My husband poured his right over his salad and added a little honey mustard dressing. I ate mine solo and it was very filling. The recipe was quick. My prep and cooking time was less than 15 minutes. It's basically flank steak, ginger, orange juice, soy sauce, and scallions all sauteed together. It also called for five spice, something I never had heard of, but found right in the Asian food section of Meijer. The five spice and the ginger were the only two ingredients that I needed to add to my normal shopping list.

I also made a healthy dessert tonight. I haven't tried it yet but I was inspired by this post: Maegan . I went with a more rich version using a chocolate pie crust, coffee flavored yogurt and a handful of pecan chips sprinkled on top.

I plan on indulging as soon as a little monkey heads to bed. Right now she's sitting in front of me while my husband I relive our youth watching Bon Jovi and Poison concerts OnDemand. Living on a Prayer seems to be a hit for Miss Icie.

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