Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Goodbye Diaper Bag!

After spending weeks being shoved from one end of the car to another Icie's diaper bag is retired. One of the great things about toddlerdom is the shedding of the stuff. I love that I no longer have to lug a diaper bag and a purse around. Icie is no where near potty trained and still requires a lot of stuff it's just the urgency to get to the stuff is not nearly what it was during the infant stage. Basically my child is now bribe-able. I don't need to have a bottle constantly on hand for meltdowns. I decided yesterday to make an Icie Travel Kit since summer road trips are just around the corner, and while I don't need to carry a diaper bag at all times I still don't want to be caught off guard. Here's what I came up with.

* Extra diapers
* Two onesies
* Extra pair of shoes with extra pair of socks tucked inside.
* One summer dress
* Sweater
* Extra blankie
* A pair of soft pants.

I think most of these are self explanatory. I wanted to cover any temperature that may pop up and keep the emergency outfits adaptable until fall. All of the clothes are a bit big on her now, but wearable. Oh and by the way in case you didn't know soft pants are pretty much any pants of the sweat, t-shirt material, yogaish variety according to my niece Ella.

* A trusty fleece jacket
* Mittens
* A smock bib and extra plastic utensils.

I shoved these few things towards the bottom of my kit. I am hoping I don't need to use any of these things, but you never know what kind of weather you are going to get this time of year. I rarely use a bib on Icie as it is, but I figured this smock type might be handy for ice cream pit stops with Miss Thing this summer.

* Baby Tylenol
* Rubber ducky dispenser full of scented trash bags.
* Hand sanitizer
* A&D Ointment

I put these items in a plastic baggie and kept it somewhat near the top of my kit. All pretty helpful to have around in case of a bought of car sickness or teething or some other unforeseen nastiness.

* A sippy cup
* Changing pad
* Wipes

I topped the kit off with some obvious essentials. My husband was very pleased about the Dora cup becoming the emergency cup. He's not a fan.

Hopefully I won't have to move it from here very often, but I feel better knowing it's there.

* Scented plastic bag dispenser
* Free diaper and wipe cozy (it came with a box of the new Pampers)
* My purse

Now when we head into a store I stuff the diaper cozy in my purse, sling the purse cross body and my hands are free to wrangle Miss Thing. The purse is great, it actually has a pocket on the inside that a sippy cup fits in perfectly. It feels so free to not be bogged down with stuff.

I also rigged this up the other day in effort to keep all the in car toys in place at the end of each ride. It contains some toys, sunglasses, Icie's favorite blankie, and in the event of a long ride her DVDs get shoved in there too. Yes that is a bib tied around the top, completely unnecessary and ghetto I know but that was the head space I was in while on my organizing roll.

Did I miss anything?


  1. That rubber ducky dispenser is adorable AND convenient! Where'd you pick that up? My bag is a mess right now. I have a bad habit of just stuffing things in there, so among the antibacterial wipes (hello, LifeLogic supporter!), I have receipts and various odds and ends.

  2. The rubber ducky is from Target, I think it was around $3 filled with bags and $3 for refill bags. I haven't even opened the refill bags yet and Icie is almost 18 months old. I love that thing!


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