Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Will Take You Down.

I am NOT Cam in this situation. I have not actually threatened a take down, but I've thought about it. Last night back spasms took my husband down, and I used the hours between midnight and four to make some progress on the sleep situation. I turned off the monitor in our bedroom and hunkered myself down in the guest room. I was ready for the battle. There were several shushes, hand Monkers back, adjust blankets, use my stern I mean business voice moments. There were hours of silent prayers while I watched Bravo and waited for the wimpers followed by near meltdowns that cycled without fail every 10 to 15 minutes. Around four I was worn down, I handed Miss Thing a bottle, tucked Monkers in her elbow crook and walked away.
I headed back to our bedroom feeling defeated having sunk to using the bottle but I was exhausted. I nudged my husband and asked if he minded if I watched some Boston Legal in the bedroom. I knew he wouldn't mind, he was sleeping before the opening credits played, it took me almost two episodes to come down. My Boston Legal addiction is a post for another time, but I got about two hours of sleep in before Miss Thing was ready for her day.

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