Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Icie's Room Update - A Lesson in Self Control

A little while back I shared with you that come spring Miss Thing's room would be getting an update. Well I've started with a few new organizational items,so when the real redo is under way I'll be ahead of the game.
I started by tackling the closet. All our closets were nicely equipped when we bought the house, nice rod placement and shelving. I added a few canvas organizers I picked up on clearance at Meijer. I'm not wild about the pattern but they will match the eventual color scheme and hey they're in the closet.

I organize her clothes for the week and all her bows and earrings now have a place to be. The days of the week tags are temporary (and really for my husband's benefit should he dress her for the day). I found some clearance blank business cards at Target yesterday that I plan on using for a nicer more finished look.

I use this hanging laundry bag for the clothes she outgrows, but I haven't sorted yet. It seems like once a week I'm throwing something in that bag that is suddenly too short.

I use the upper bar for all the clearance next size up stuff I've bought (Thank you Gymbucks). Right now it's housing all our 3T items and bigger 2T items I'm anticipating she'll be wearing come fall. I scored that puffy winter jacket at the end of the season sale at The Children's Place Outlet. It was the only 3T left and was marked down to $5.99! We have one more shipment from Gymboree. My last Gymbucks were used and I am not buying Icie another item of clothing until September. The only exception would be if she has some freakish growth spurt this summer but I built in for that with my choices for summer so we should be okay. I actually walked through the clearance section at Target yesterday and although they had awesome deals in Miss Thing's size, I walked away. I'm avoiding Gymboree, Carter's, Old Navy, and The Children's Place until September. Target is a little harder to avoid all together. I was proud of myself and my self control yesterday. I realized how wasteful I was being when I spent two hours cleaning and organizing Icie's closet last week. Hopefully we have another girl somewhere in our future, if not someone will be getting a heck of a donation.

This blog is slowly becoming more about accountability for me. I have allowed myself so many "cheats" or indulgences in so many areas of my life. Ultimately these cheats are stopping me from living the life that I really want for our family. I can make a million excuses as to why I bought something or why I ate something, but in the end they are just excuses. I know that if I put it down on this blog, that at least 7 people will know my expectations and intentions and that's enough to make me want to stay on track.

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