Monday, April 12, 2010

Model Monday

Long sleeve bodysuit * Carter's * $9.99 for 3 pack
Kai-Lan Tee * Target * $6.99
Jeans * Old Navy * $3.49
Shoes * Gift from Grandma
Bows * Meijer * $2.99 for 6 pack

A cereal bar was used as compensation for interrupting Miss Thing's morning viewing of The Fresh Beat Band.

We're back! Everyone is plague-free and feeling pretty close to 100%! Icie finally slept well for the first time in about a week. It was amazing. I was a little nervous last night when she fell asleep at her highchair during dinner. She had a little catnap and woke up around six-thirty in full meltdown mode. It took a good 40 minutes of Monster's Inc to talk her down. Sometime around seven-thirty she had a crazy energy burst and I thought we were going to have a night from hell because of that damn catnap. Eight-thirty rolled around and the eye rubbing began and within fifteen minutes she was done. The house was silent until five-thirty this morning and after a quick diaper change the silence returned until eight-thirty.
I was able to shower and do my weekly weigh-in without interruption. I was in disbelief. I kept opening the shower curtain to get a listen to the monitor to make sure she wasn't screaming her head off. No screams, and I even conditioned my hair.
I was concerned about my weight loss this week, since exercise was non-existent, but my trusty calorie counting saved the day.
Weight Loss April 5th - April 12th = 3 pounds
Total Weight Loss- 7 pounds

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