Monday, April 19, 2010

Model Monday

Bodysuit, Leggings, & Socks * All Gymboree * $11.97 (with Gymbucks)
Shoes * Children's Place * $11.99
Ponytail holders * Walmart * $2.99 for 20 pack

My model was on the run without her shoes today. She's also got a tooth explosion going on, I can see two more poking through. The slobber has got her little checks getting a little chapped.

My progress was pretty good this week. I have been keeping my calories in check and we had some nice family walks last week. I'm feeling a little bit of a difference this week. I put on a pair of jeans straight from the dryer, and I could actually breathe. I didn't even need to do my stretch and squat routine. It's nice to have some kind of validation besides the numbers on the scale moving.

Weight Loss April 12th - April 19th = 2 pounds
Total Weight Loss - 9 pounds

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