Monday, April 26, 2010

Model Monday

Leggings, Babydoll Top, & Socks * Gymboree Outlet * All about $12
Undershirt * Carter's Outlet * $9.99 for 3 pack
Shoes * Stride Rite Outlet * $14.99
Headband * Meijer * $3.49

That headband stayed on for about 10 minutes, a new record! I love the shot of her shoes, it's very typical Icie. We are trying to break her habit of being up on her tip toes. The shoes she has on are stiff so that's about as much of a tip toe she can do in them. We have her 18 month appointment coming up soon and her pediatrician has expressed some concerns about her walking. I have been trying to wear heavier shoes on her to force her to stay flat, but she still tries to be a little ballerina. The doctor alluded to physical therapy and or braces if we can't get this beat on our own. I really want to try to avoid if at all possible so I am on a constant search for the right shoe.

Well this week was a bust on the weight loss front. I blame the pizza and ice cream cake we had in celebration of 38 years of Dave last night. I didn't gain though, so that's positive. I refuse to get down about this stall. Getting down just perpetuates the cycle of bad habits. I eat because I'm discouraged, I gain weight, I eat out of frustration, I gain weight, blah, blah, blah.

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