Friday, May 7, 2010

Baby Names

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Kelly over at Kelly's Korner hosts a link up and this week's topic is Baby Names. I figured since I already tackled Icie's nick name with Mom Talk earlier this week I'd participate and talk about how we ended up with Icie.

"What's her name again?" if I had a nickel for every time I've heard that since November 6, 2008 all our debts would be paid off and my house would be completely furnished with the spanking new stuff I've had my eye on since we started our whole moving process about a year ago.
I try to answer patiently. We knew people would be curious, but sometimes I just want to snap, "It's Eye-See, it's spelled I-C-I-E, it's a family name." I know that the follow up questions are always going to be either "How do you spell that?" and "Where did you come up with that?"
I've had one older gentlemen in a mall food court about a year ago smile at her and say he hadn't heard that name in years. It was refreshing. I also got the feeling that he was remembering the Icie he knew fondly considering the smile that stayed on his face as he headed over to his table.
I was certain we were having a boy the entire time leading up to my ultrasound at the 20 week mark. I was certain until the night before when a dream made me wake up certain she was a girl. I don't remember the dream, but I woke with such a certainty that she was a girl that the ultrasound was purely about checking her health. We had tossed around names, highlighted top picks in the baby name book, and Icie was always a front runner. So day after the ultrasound I felt like seeing her told me that she was Icie. Icie Tru to be exact.
Icie was one of my great grandmother's sisters. Emily was one of them as well. My mom and her grandmother were especially close. My mom spent a lot of her time at her grandmother's house while her parents were at work. My great grandmother passed away when I was five. I remember her,but I think I've adapted a lot of my mom's memories of her as my own. My mom speaks of her with such fondness and love that it just oozes over and I feel a connection to her I can't explain.
When my mom was pregnant with both my sister and I, her grandmother made a case for Emily as a name. Emily was her favorite sister. I've never asked my mom why my sister wasn't Emily since she was first, I suppose I didn't care because it wasn't about me. I know, I'm horrible but I was kid the last time this was all discussed and kids are selfish, sue me. I'll ask sometime.
I decided that all the other sisters' names would be in play for a girl. I guess now you are all wondering why my grandmother's name was never in play. How could I not consider naming my baby after such a wonderful woman? Well her name was Gertrude. I don't think she'd want me to strap a kid with that doozey. We did arrive at Tru for Icie's middle name as a way of honoring her, and I think she'd like that.
We have names picked out for future babies, boys and girls alike, all family related, all with special places in our hearts. I'll keep them under my hat though until we have announcement to make somewhere down the line.


  1. That is a very beautiful story for her to have. I especially love knowing that Tru comes from Gertrude. What a great way to commemorate a special family member!

  2. I always like knowing my name came from someone special. I'm glad to share that with her.


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