Monday, May 10, 2010

Model Monday

On Icie:
Dress * Carter's * Gift from Abuela
Leggings * Children's Place * $3.49 with coupon
Shoes * Stride Rite Outlet *
Socks * Gymboree * $5 for 2 pack

On Dave:
Jacket and Pants * Haggar Outlet * $70 ish for both
Shirt ?

Dave wanted to be a part of Model Monday, but then refused to strike some of his famous poses. I guess you'll have to take my word for it when I say he could have a promising career as a catalog model considering his range of poses. I also want to assure you that a pony was put in my little ragamuffin's hair after these were shot. The diva wasn't feeling it at 730 this morning so the pony had to wait.
I was more than a little nervous for my end of Model Monday this morning. I weighed myself on Tuesday night last week after our trip to Pittsburgh. I had gained FOUR pounds according to that late night weigh in. I thought calories consumed in a speeding car while crossing state lines didn't count. I also thought martinis consumed while eating dinner with one's mother also were magically cancelled out. I was disappointed but not at all surprised. I knew I was going to pay for my indulgences on the trip. I am pleased though that after the shock, and getting back on track last week those four pounds are gone. I am pleased to now be back at even ground.
We decided last night that after Dave's summer course is done we will be planning a road trip to Florida to visit his family. The thought of wearing a bathing suit makes me nauseous, but not hitting the beach would be far worse. I'm making myself an exercise chart when a certain someone is napping this afternoon. All things I can do around the house, in multiple sets throughout the day. Icie and I will also do an afternoon walk everyday that weather allows. It's supposed to hit 60 this afternoon so after nap will be perfect. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday look iffy this week, so we'll do mall walking as a back up. Here's to not being completely disgusted when we hit the beach in July!

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