Monday, May 17, 2010

Model Monday

Dress * Greendog * Gift from Tia Regla
Leggings * Children's Place * Same as last week
Sandals * Target * $12.99
Clip * Found in the car we think it's my niece, Ella's *

Model Monday pictures were taken in my entry cubbies.  We have company (Abuela and Tia Regla) this week and I snapped them quickly so as not to look like a nut job.  I'm sure that's the least of my craziness but it made me feel better keeping the photo shoot to a minimum.  We've had a busy weekend with 18 month pictures and a trip to the airport to pick up our company. I went on a cleaning and grocery shopping frenzy on Friday.  I thought for sure with the stress of everything I'd hold steady on my end of the Model Monday bargain.  Stress usually has that effect on me, but surprise surprise there was some movement on the scale.  It was very little but at least it was in the right direction this week! 

Weight Loss May 11th -May 16th = 1 pound
Total Weight Loss = 10 pounds

I'm hoping sometime soon (maybe this week, fingers crossed) to have a new look for the blog. It's a work in progress.

I also wanted to send out a big congrats to Lacey and her family in welcoming their new addition, Molly this week. Lacey now is the proud mommy of 2 under 2!  Check out her blog Our Life Narrated by Lacey, you'll love it.  She's on my blog roll. 

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