Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mom Talk - Nicknames

One of my new blog buddies Lacey has started Mom Talk. It's just another excuse for all us moms to talk about our kids once again. I can hardly pass up the opportunity to blabber on and on about my Icie. I was excited to see that the Mom Talk topic was nicknames. Icie has had more than one nickname, and most of them don't stick. Most of them just kinda come out of either mine or my husband's mouth for no real reason.
One nickname has really stuck, Bird. I have no idea when, where, or why I started calling her that. It probably had something to do with the sound of early morning babble that I still hear from time to time on the monitor. The babble at times sounds a little chirpy and it's usually at some God awful early hour, you know the time that only birds are awake.
I am sure she will love it when she's sixteen has friends over and I'm still calling her Bird. I am also sure that she will always be my little Bird and she'll just have to deal with it.

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  1. Just make me cry, why don't ya?! My first very first link up post!! I am SO very excited. Thank you so very much for participating.

    I just love Icie's nickname! Very unique and such a cute story to go with it. You're right, they do sometimes wake up with the birds. haha.

    Thanks again!


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