Monday, May 17, 2010

Step Bajillion and Two in Icie's Room Makeover.

Friday is the big painting day for Miss Thing's room. I put up some sample squares last week to make sure I had the right combo of pink and orange. I also made sure to do a sample square of each color on each wall. Icie has two windows and depending on which wall you are looking at the windows kind of tweak the colors a bit. I was debating on all walls one color with a stripe or two wall the same color and the other two the other color. After my samples were on the walls I decided on two and two. I cannot wait to see it all come together.
Icie is enjoying the samples on her walls. We have been counting everything lately and the samples are one more reason for her to use her "counting finger". It's all very cute she points to each sample and sing songs something that only I can identify as one, two, three.
Icie kept herself busy, playing with Monkers, singing and making silly faces while I painted.  I caught her being crazy in between walls. 

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