Thursday, May 27, 2010

Today's Post is Brought to You By The Letter P

We have been pretty busy around here lately.  The weather has been great, a little humid but beautiful. Miss Thing is over her little fever episode.  I am trying to work the wear her out angle, which is so much easier when the weather is nice.  I feel better, she sleeps better, everyone is happier.  It seems like these past few weeks have been full of the letter P, so here's an update of what we've been up to, you know Sesame Style. (I just stopped myself from typing "because that's how we roll" ,  your welcome for the toned down cheese)

Potty Time
Inspired by some information I've read in the blog world I decided to buy a potty.  I am pretty sure that Icie is not quite ready, but I thought the presence of the potty is never a bad thing.  I am not forcing the issue.  I just put her on it when I notice she's been dry for awhile or when she seems interested.   One day she spent an hour and fifteen minutes sitting on it, naked as can be, "reading" books, opening and closing the wipe dispenser, and watching Finding Nemo.  She was happy as a clam, I rolled with it. There was no action that day, but I took enjoyment in the longest period of time that my child has ever sat still voluntarily.  In the two weeks since the purchase we've only seen action once.  She sat down by herself before bath and went.  I'm pretty sure it was a fluke.

Pool Side
It has been so warm this week that our trip to Target for supplies ended with the purchase of a Finding Nemo inflatable pool.  I set it up while Icie napped and waited with excitement for her to wake up.  I realized after setting up said pool and filling it with water that I'd put within plain view of the construction workers next door.  I also realized that it was visible from the street, it was too late.  I wasn't about to waste all the water draining the damn thing just to spare some strangers from having to look at my pale fat ass.  I put a t-shirt material sleeveless dress over my suit and got over myself.  I'm sure the least of their concerns were what I looked like after they heard the screams of terror coming from my child.  It took about an hour of games to convince Icie that the pool was a good thing.  In hour two she embraced the water and had a blast.  I had to stay in the pool with her though, so the purchase of a bigger inflatable pool I'm sure is in our future.

Painting Fools
Last Friday was painting day.  The room makeover is not complete but the paint is on the walls, a new bookcase was assembled and a border was hung.  There are still some finishing touches that need to be completed before I share pictures of the entire room but at least you can see a corner where the two colors come together.  I was pleased that after a couple of hours of up and down on a step ladder and being in charge of all the trim I did not have any of the old lady pains painting usually gives me. 

We had Icie's 18 month photos done about two weeks ago at our local JC Penney.  I made the decision after this set of pictures I am going to save up for a professional, private photographer for her two year pictures.  The JCP pictures are fine and affordable but I'd like someone a little more creative and able to catch more of a candid look.  I also would like for us to do a family picture and I want to be comfortable and not in the fish bowl of a studio they have at our local JCP.   I have photo envy looking at a lot of blogs and I think I can finally get over the sticker shock of what some photographers charge in order to have a nice family picture. 

We ended our string of letter "P" adventures today with a trip to the Carter's outlet to find some summer jammies.  I realized that Miss Thing had only one pair of short sleeve pajamas and that was not going to cut it considering the heat we've already been experiencing this spring.  I had a coupon and Carter's was running a Memorial Day Sidewalk Sale.  I was very excited to get 4 pairs of summer jammies (one with detachable wings, so cute), a dolly for a well behaved toddler, and a little sleeveless dress I couldn't resist all for $40 and some change.  I also could not make a trip to the outlets without checking out two of my favorite stores, Stride Rite and Gymboree.  I had a coupon for Stride Rite, so I bought Icie a pair of clearance sneakers in the next size up for fall.  I love Stride Rite's quality and for $11 I couldn't pass up the chance to plan ahead.  Gymboree sucked me in again with some unbeatable deals, but I restrained myself and only spent $20.  I scored a winter jacket, a long sleeve t-shirt, and a tank top.  I know I said no shopping until September, but the jammies were  needed items and I still kept everything under about half of what I'd usually spend at Carter's alone. 

I apologize for the quality of some of these pictures, the JCP ones are intentionally blurred to prevent you from printing your own photos without a digital picture package.  The ones from my camera all have a little smudge from my lens being a little dirty, oops!  I thought about posting a picture of Icie actually on the potty, but I figure she'll have enough things to hold against me as she gets older why give her more ammunition.


  1. cutest shoes EVER! your stride rite is so much better than ours!!!!

    I love Icie's new pics, she's starting to look a little more like you!!

  2. The only complaint I have about Stride Rite is that Icie's size is sometimes picked over, but I always find something.

    Thanks about the pictures, I think she really looks like me when she's pissed about something, lol!


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