Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday - Dream Houses

I was so excited to see that this week's Top 2 Tuesday topic was dream homes. I love, love, love looking at houses. I browse the local real estate listings as a part of my daily round of website checks. I love watching the new houses go up in our neighborhood. I loved looking at the 60 or so houses we saw in search for our house last year.

House Number One

This is the house we would purchase if for some reason we had an extra eight hundred to nine hundred thousand dollars laying around, and we were staying in our area.

I like the whole interior of this house, but the pool is all that really matters. I love to swim and being able to be in a pool year round in the privacy of my own home would be a dream.

These pictures are via the local multi-list website.

House Number Two

The 2010 HGTV Green Home is my anywhere dream home. I L-O-V-E this house! The style is perfect. If I had a chance to build a home I think I'd just give the builder a picture of this house and say, "Gimme this" and then I'd hand a designer all the interior shots and say it again.

Love the kitchen!

I heart the laundry room!

I adore the tower room!

And I think a master bedroom very similar to this one may end up in my house after my living room and Icie's room are done.

All picture of the Green Home are from the HGTV website. There are a ton more I could spend all day on hgtv.com daydreaming.

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