Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mom Talk

It's that time again! Mom Talk hosted by Lacey!

Mom Talk #4 – Favorite Baby Picture

What’s Mom Talk? It’s an excuse for Moms to talk about their babies or thoughts of parenthood just a little bit more. I know everyone can appreciate a good link up, meeting other moms, and reading different perspectives.

I know the quality of this picture is pretty crappy, but I love it.  This picture is from January 2009.  Icie was on her last day at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh. She had a nasty bought with RSV (a cold virus that can be really dangerous in infants) and had spent four days in the hospital.  I love this picture because she was just getting back to being herself.  The color had returned to her face, she was smiling, and doing her signature fist pump.  That girl was ahead of her time fist pumping all the time during her first few months, screw you Jersey Shore.  I also love this picture because during her sickness I learned to really listen to my motherly instinct. I was doubting that I had that instinct until she became sick and I just knew what I had to do to make sure she was okay.  I knew I needed to listen to that inner voice and be her advocate to keep her well.  I knew no matter how scared I was that I needed to focus and stay calm. I could freak out later. My baby needed me.

This is favorite recent picture of my bird. I mean after all  she's still my baby. This was taken this weekend by my dad.  I love it. 

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  1. Such a sweet picture for an even sweeter memory, Icie getting back to herself. I love her little side smile.

    Thanks for linking up again!


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