Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thank You Papa !

Wow that long weekend came and went like nobody's business.  We spent the bulk of our time in the car.  We made the trip to Pittsburgh for my mom's birthday.  We had a great time but because of our schedules we drove on Saturday to my parent's cabin about an hour and half north of the city.  We met up with my mom and sister and my nieces for the night.  Sunday, we all drove back to the Burgh for a little birthday partying.  Monday afternoon Dave, Icie and I hopped into the car and headed back to Michigan.  It was a craptastic drive, storms on and off most of the way.  The bright spot was however that Miss Icie slept for about three and half hours out of the six hour trip.  She woke up pleasant and held out for another half an hour until we got to our favorite mall outside of Detroit to eat dinner.  We made it back by about seven thirty and by nine my bird was out, and drum roll please ... she slept until almost seven this morning!  It was a great weekend just a bit rushed.  We had beautiful weather on Saturday and Sunday and got to enjoy the pool at my parent's house. 
My dad planned a little game for everyone after the birthday festivities.  He does things like this from time to time to surprise us all.  It was a version of an office grab bag type of a game.  Everyone drew a card to determine the order that we played the game.  Each person had the opportunity to pick an envelope, or steal the person befores prize.  The first person could steal anyone's prize.  We all played nice and decided to all pick and keep our own prizes.  I ended up with about $40 dollars in scratch off lottery tickets and two Mega Millions tickets.  Dave won $50 cash.  Icie  being one the two youngest simply got $50 Toys R Us gift card since they obviously wouldn't understand the game. 
We hit Toys R Us this morning and we super excited to score Miss Things first outdoor play set.  I had my rewards coupons and it was on sale so all in all I only shelled out about $40 of my own cash.  We have been going to some playgrounds around here and Icie still seems a bit intimidated by the size of the steps and slides.  I thought this might build her confidence and balance a bit.  I plan on moving it over to the grass.  This was just the original set up so that Dave won't have to move to cut  the grass later. 
So THANK YOU PAPA for what I'm sure will be hours of fun this summer!
Oh and P.S.  I am well aware that my daughter's outfit doesn't really match, but I didn't think the green tutu she wore most of the day was really the smartest choice for running around our scrubby backyard. 

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