Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Round Up

It was a whirlwind weekend around here.  I feel like I am just sitting down for the first time since Friday morning.  I guess that's a bit dramatic, sorry I've watched a few too many episodes of Real Housewives lately.  The overlapping of Jersey and New York is sending me into Bravo overload. 
Friday morning, Miss Thing and I were on a mission to replace my husbands beloved Croc flip flops.  He had worn a hole through the bottom of the last pair he had.  Considering that the man grew up in a tropical climate it always amazes me the amount of play his flip flops get.  I swear the second the temperature is above freezing it's flip flops and fleece for the man.  I was a little annoyed because last weekend all flip flops at the Crocs outlet were $9.99 but this week everything was back to regular price.  I did however score Icie a pair of Crocs for fall at a decent price so it all evened out. 
Grocery shopping and trying out my first recipe from the Skinny Italian cookbook by Teresa Giudice.  I cheated and made the simplest recipe in the book.  It was a simple light cream sauce with bow tie noodles and peas.  I liked it, Icie liked it, and Dave (who puts peas in everything) loved it.   My two complaints (very minor complaints mind you)  about the book is for future reference I'll need to cut the recipes in half,  it was far too much for the three of us and the recommended amount of salt and pepper was a bit skint.  I am heavy handed on both salt and pepper though so maybe it's just me. 

Seven minute meal
Saturday we took a family trip to Ikea.  The Ikea outside of Detroit is the closest to us, but it's still a good hour and a half drive.  I love me some Ikea, so we try to go every few months just to check out what's new and to see if there's anything I can't live without.  We went with a very specific mission yesterday. We were in search of outdoor seating, closet organization solutions, and some picture frames for the ongoing redecoration of Icieland. We ended up accomplishing our missions and added three pairs of new curtains, two curtain  rods, four pillow covers, a gaggle of new storage containers for pantry items, and two floating shelves.  Icie was so good during all our hemming and hawing in Ikea we treated her to a Build-A-Bear for her patience.  I of course had a coupon and a leftover gift card so all told we walked out of there spending a record low of $7.63.  Icie loves the end result of the whole Build-A-Bear experience but usually is not so much a fan of the noise of the stuffing machine.  We hit a milestone when there was no screaming during the process of making her new bear friend. 
Icie's new bear a top my newly covered pillows.

After some marathon closet organizing this morning we spent some time in our driveway while Dave got our bikes and Icie's new bike trailer ready for some riding this week. 

Bike mechanic Icie
Please excuse my scrubby grass it's a work in progress.

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