Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bag Lady

Once upon a time I carried a beautiful Dooney, you know the one with the giraffe print.  It was delicious, the real deal, a pre-push gift from my wonderful husband.  That beautiful Dooney now sits on the top shelf of my closet, completely obsolete.  So when my good buddy Lacey tagged me in her What's In Your Wallet post, I brushed away my nostalgia for my Dooney and decided to show how my purse looks now. 

I started this challenge on the couch, but my "helper" forced me to the kitchen counter to finish the task.  The purse is a clearance find from Target.  I picked it up a few months ago solely for the long cross body strap.  It makes it easy to sling around myself and keeping my hands free for Icie wrangling.  That little container in her hands actually contains these:

These are Table Toppers.  My friend Brooke introduced me to these gems awhile back.  They actually stick to any table and create a clean eating surface without damaging the table.  They are available in other characters, but Miss Icie has been really into "Melmo" (Elmo in Icie speak) lately.

Diapers, pretty self explanatory, you never know when you might need one or when I might need to replenish my in car stash. 

A stack of receipts for the trash, and a stack of coupons.  I know, I know, my life is exciting.  Please don't be jealous, it's not a pretty color on you. 

Icie's "Magical Moments" book and the hand out about the last set of vaccines she received.  The book is great.  Our pediatricians in Pittsburgh gave us that on our tour of their practice before Icie was born.  It is filled with tons of useful tips.  It also has a schedule of what to expect at each appointment and a place to record her stats and vaccines from each appointment. I still use it for her appointments with our Michigan pediatrician.

An old grocery list,  twenty-nine cents, and the business card for my new hair stylist.  I never, ever, carry cash so I was amazed to find the whole twenty-nine cents swimming around the bottom of my bag.  The grocery list will be tossed and replaced with my new one today.  I know what you're thinking, grocery shopping and cleaning out her purse all in one day, she's living the life.  I am living the life, don't hate.

The essentials, my phone, wallet, and Gymbucks!  Lacey talks about love she has for her wallet in her post, and I could not agree more.  I've had this wallet for at least five years and have never found another one that comes close.  It's nothing special, I believe a Target clearance find also, but it's served me very very well.  My phone is a recent upgrade, and to be honest I like it because it's pink.  I use my phone sparingly, an occasional text or picture message to my husband during the day and a phone call here and there when we are out and about. 

A book borrowed from my mom. I'm really excited to start this one.  My mom really liked it, and Oprah likes it so you know it's gotta be good.  According to my mom, the f-bomb is used liberally in this book.  I'm refreshed to hear that, because who hasn't wanted to drop a few f-bombs when thinking about food and their weight.  I know my fat ass has uttered fuckity, fuck, fuck after stuffing myself or stepping on the scale more than once.

Lastly, my helper and her new somewhat annoying  adorable trick insists on say, seeeeeeee-s (cheese) and waiting for a flash every time the camera is present.  She can't seem to keep her eyes open though while saying cheese so now my picture files are full of pictures like the one above. 

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  1. I have to admit, though I'm a little embarrassed to, I had to google 'Dooney'. You don't have me, do you? I know now and that's the important thing, right?

    The Table Toppers, I MUST HAVE! I always use anti-bacterial wipes on every inch of the surface Jack is about to eat near, but that looks so easy. Googling those too. ;)

    The picture of the .29 - adorable!

    I loved this blog post! You have such a wit and made me laugh at least three times. You're kinda great, just so you know.

    Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed "snooping".


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