Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Come On In!

Icie would like to welcome you to her new room!  We have one more small art project left, but the major work is done. The letters of her name are just revamped a little from her first room back in New Kensington.  They had been pink all along I just added some of the decals I used in her room to tie them in with the new decor.

I love the way the colors work together now.  The bold colors are much more in line with Miss Thing's personality, a little loud but still fun and girly. The animals are a mixture of two different sets of decals.  The border and some of the animals match and the bedding and the rest of the animals match.  All were clearance or sale priced from Target.  I found some of the same patterns on closeout at Big Lots too.  The bin storage shelves are a little boring and predictable for a kid's room.  I cringed a little when I bought them, but they are useful. I'm using them to house diapers and supplies now, but when Miss Thing transitions to a big girl bed and out of diapers it will be switched over to toy storage.  I feel the same way about the cube shelves, but it's useful and affordable.  I also like how each shelf brings some of the lighter colors out in the room.  The rocking horse is a bit of a rite of passage from my mom. It's from Cracker Barrel and my nieces had one as well.  Icie is still a little leery of it because it makes noises, but she's been warming up to it lately. 

A better look at the shelf wall shows off some Icie essentials.  I have said it before on this blog that Miss Thing is not much of a sleeper, so the cube shelf has not one, not two, but yes three different night lights and music players.  All have been tried and none is more successful than the others, but one is required at bedtime.  There's also her monitor and a Sesame Street place mat on top of the cubes.  The place mat may seem a little crazy to you, but I assure you I have my reasons.  When cold and flu season is upon us a humidifier shaped like an elephant calls that little spot home.  I like to keep the place mat there just in case there happens to be any dripping from the humidifier.  It's a one dollar solution to keeping things neat and not leaving a watermark in the shape of an elephant on the cubes.  You can also see Icie's little doll high chair in this picture.  That is mine from when I was little.  It was my favorite gift from Christmas 1985.  My sister has a matching cradle I think her kids still use too. 

I love the tree and owls that came with the decals that match Icie's bedding.  Icie loves them too.  She points to them and and asks, "Wassss thaaaaa?" (what's that, in Icie-ese) a million times.  This usually happens when I am fruitlessly having her sit on the potty. I cannot wait to retire that changing pad on top of her dresser peeking out of the corner of this picture.  I bought a jumbo box of 140 diapers last week, more evidence of the long road to "wonderwears" ( I think my niece Lela coined that term for underwear, it's kinda stuck in our family).

Icie is super happy you stopped by her room.  We have one more wall to show you, but it's home to our unfinished project so we'll have to update you in another post on that one. 

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  1. I love Icie's new room!! You're making me even MORE excited to get to Lydia's in the far future lol

    It looks so neat and organized, you did a great job, Mama!


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