Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Want To Thank You - The Keeping Mommy Sane Edition

I've done this before.  Sometimes you just need to give props to some things in your life.  Generally the things I'm thankful for are products that care for or entertain my little bird.  This time around I want to thank the things that have been putting a smile on my face the past few months.  These are things that are just for me.

Thank you Sally Hansen for your lovely lovely Insta-Dry nail polish.  You make it possible to give myself a pedicure in record time.  You are perfect for a little nap time pick me up.  I love your sparkly blue shade that makes me feel all Miami from miles away.

Oh makers of Pantene how I love you.  Thank you for finally making a detangler for fine hair.  It's so nice to have a product that allows me to get a comb through my wet hair, but doesn't have me looking like a greasy mess mere hours later.  I thank you and my hair thanks you.

When I was pregnant with Icie my feet grew about a full size. My poor tootsies have never gone back down to my pre-pregnancy size.  I had a pair of tennis shoes just like these but in a different color in my previous size. I loved them, they made me feel energized just putting them on. I mourned them after Icie was born.  I tried to replace them a few times with competitive brands to no avail.  I was beside myself when I spotted these gems on the clearance rack at Meijer.  I think they are just what I need to get to work on my fitness. 

Oh Maggie and Kathy how you keep me entertained.  I sincerely hope that Icie is taking care of me one day and keeping me supplied with boxed wine.  It's a nice, funny, mindless read that requires little focus and provides numerous smiles and chuckles.  Thanks Griffin ladies for the distraction, oh and thanks Target for the thirty percent off.  See how classy I am, I can't even be bothered to remove sale tags before I throw the book from my bathroom floor to my bed for a picture. 

H&M and Ann Taylor know the way to this fat girl's heart.  Accessories always fit and make me smile.  I'm still trying to figure out how to rock the scarf from H&M's Garden Collection, but just looking at it makes me smile.  The Ann Taylor Outlet store surprised me a bit the first time I visited it.  I assumed it would be kind of old ladyish for some reason.  I was so happy to find these super comfortable and super cute shoes for sixty percent off, score! 

Lastly thank you Gwen Stefani for designing this adorable notebook for me to jot my ideas down.  I love back to school time, when the stores fill with pencils and loose leaf.  I pitter down the aisles fingering pens and pencils, trying to figure out a way to justify the purchases.  I'm not a student. Why would I need fifteen more pens or folders with cute patterns or three ring binders?  I found it easy to justify the purchase of one notebook, and then I had to walk away quickly.

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  1. I've got some 60-seconds polish that rocks my world! It REALLY dries in 60 seconds, not 90, not 80, not even 70...60! It's amazing!

    Shut. Up! I totally did not know Maggie Griffin had a book!!! I'm adding it to my amazon wishlist as soon as I post this! I bet it's hilarious! I love the title.

    P.S. I'm emailing you back soon, I promise. ;)


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