Saturday, July 3, 2010

Let's Go to the Movies.

Proof she sat in her own seat, but would not look at me for a picture at least my niece gave me a smile.

While we were in Pittsburgh last week Miss Icie experienced an amazing first.  We went to see Toy Story 3. The little bird enjoyed her first movie.  I took comfort in the fact that my mom and sister were there with us for moral support.  I had the horrible sweats of dread at the thought of trying to contain my wild child to a theater seat for two hours. 
I imagined the tantrums, and the possible use of "The Protester" (you know the magical ability of any toddler to completely go limp and suddenly not be able to hold their own body weight).  My mom thought she could do it, encouraged us to at least try. 
We positioned ourselves in the last row, near an exit in case I had to make a hasty get away.  We went to a theater inside a mall, so in the event that Icie and I had to cut and run there was plenty of entertainment until the movie was over.  I fully imagined wasting 2 hours in the mall play area while we waited for my mom, sister, and nieces to emerge from the theater. 
I was pleasantly surprised.  My bird sat in the booster seat next to for about half the movie.  The rest of the time she stood very nicely in front of me watching in amazement.  The last five minutes or so of the movie she got a little tired and a little fussy.  I stood with her in the aisle gently swaying and we made it to the end of the movie and the little bonus scenes during the credits.  I was amazed .  I'm still a little in awe as I type this.  My child never sits still. I bought her Jessie doll while grocery shopping the other day.  Elmo is getting jealous.

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