Monday, July 12, 2010

Model Monday - Reppin' the Madre Patria

Spanish Soccer Jersey * Daddy's *
Plaid Clam Diggers * Gift from Abuela *
T-shirt * Saginaw Children's Zoo *

No, this is not what my child is wearing today.  This is a daddy original.  My husband thought it was necessary for Icie to represent  the "mother land" yesterday while watching Spain play in the World Cup. Miss Thing was really really into the game so the only chance at a picture was to bribe her with being able to temporarily stand on the entertainment center.  I thought you all needed to see the full glory of the outfit, plaid pants and all. 
Now onto my end of the bargain for Model Monday.  My weight loss this week has been stunted a bit by the need to have ice cream in this unbearable heat.   I'm only down one pound.  I am feeling a little bloaty though today so perhaps there's a little water retention going on now.  I tried to compensate for my need for ice cream by cutting some calories elsewhere but I guess it wasn't quite enough.  At least it wasn't a gain and one pound is better than nothing.  One pound to the twenty pound mark!  This coming week maybe tough because we have some really great family fun planned.

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