Friday, July 9, 2010

Never Say Never

I am a Judgey-McJudgerson.  It's probably my worst trait.  It's something I am constantly trying to keep in check.  I'm pretty horrible about keeping it in check.  I find it so easy to slip into the catty judging mode when I don't understand something.  I have slowed my roll on this behavior quite a bit since Icie has been born, but it's still there gnawing at me sometimes. 
I think everyone before they have kids makes those statements of absolution about what you will or won't do with your own kids.  Lord knows I have had a ton.  Some of my most adamant declarations were tossed as soon as I was pregnant.  I always said I would never, ever, breastfeed.  I thought it just seemed gross.  I have no idea why I felt so disgusted by the thought of breastfeeding.  My mom didn't breastfeed any of us, and we are all fine, relatively speaking.  I held this belief until I was about seven months pregnant.  I started to slowly consider breastfeeding, maybe it wasn't so gross.  I was determined to breastfeed at least for the first few months by the time I hit the hospital for my induction.  I was actually devastated when my little stubborn bird decided my boobies were not to her liking and refused to latch onto anything other than a synthetic nipple.  I sat in my bedroom every few hours alone and pumped for the first month of her life. I wanted to at least give her the nutrition even if she was unwilling to take it straight from me. 
"Why the hell is that kid on a leash? How hard can it be to control a two year old?", has flown out of my mouth more than once in my life.  I never understood the necessity for a child to be leashed.  I never understood it that is until my little energizer bunny entered my life.  The more mobile my child has gotten, the more reasonable a leash actually seemed.  I even, in a moment of weakness bought a pink poodle backpack with a detachable leash.  I rationalized the purchase by saying how cute the backpack was, and I'd probably never use the leash attachment, probably. 
Cloth diapers were also parenting choice that unfortunately has also fallen victim to my judging in the past.  They are so gross.  I can't see doing that much work.  Disposables are so much easier.  All those thoughts have floated around my head more than once or twice.  We dealt recently with the aftermath of Pampers changing to the Dry Max formulaIcie developed a nasty rash, not nearly as bad as some of the news reports, but enough to skeeve me out.  I was also super grossed out when a leftover Pamper somehow made it's way into the washer.  I was switching my laundry to the dryer when suddenly I noticed the diaper in the bottom of the tube oozing gel.  The gel stuck to the tub of the washer and I had to run the cleaning cycle just to get it unstuck.  I was disgusted to think that gel was against my baby's skin. At least with a cloth or hybrid diaper I'd know that natural products we against that little butt.  We've switched to Huggies Pure and Natural for now, but the whole thing has made me seriously consider cloth for future babies. 
There are still plenty of parenting choices that still baffle me, but I'm less like to be so snarky about them, or at least in front of people when my words may come back to bite me in the ass. 

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