Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shopping Fools!

Icie and I were complete shopping fools today.  We had some necessities to pick up, just some things that went forgotten with the trip and everything last week.  We also had a special mission today.  Dave and I actually have a great niece that we have never met.  Dave has some family visiting coming up soon.  Icie and I are sadly unable to join him this time around.  We were kind of bummed.  We decided to do some shopping for our great niece today.  We wanted to send a bunch of stuff to spoil her a little since we won't be able to tag along with Dave.  Dave's mom also chipped in on our little care package, but she left the shopping to me.  I am the Queen of Coupons after all, and we have a great set of outlet stores near by that help me get the most bang for my buck.  I love shopping for other people, especially little girls.  My own little diva has more than enough stuff, so it was nice to have an excuse to hit the little girls department yet again. 
We only went to two stores and spent right around $90 and ended up with all of this:

Four pairs of shoes

Two bathing suits

Two dresses

Ten tops

Four complete outfits

One skirt and four pairs of capris

Three pairs of shorts

Okay, granted we got to cheat a little because our niece lives in a year round warm climate we were able to take advantage of some end of season sales.  I am still pretty impressed with the haul though. 
I'm working on some more posts on our vacation trip so stay tuned! I was just too excited about these deals though to not share them. 

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