Sunday, August 8, 2010

Check Me Out!

I'm sorry for the lack of action on the blog this week.  I am enjoying my very first weekend away from Icie since she was born.   I miss her terribly, but I have had some much needed (adult) girl time.  My mom and I have had some great talks and I have gotten some much needed sleep.  My amazing little brother hooked me up with an new banner and matching button.
Yesterday, I had the opportunity to hang out with one of my oldest friends.   We actually went to lunch at a real restaurant without having to ask for highchairs.  It was freeing!   The highlight of the day was a very exciting makeup makeover.  I am lucky to have a friend with an amazing makeup collection and an amazing blog.  
Brooke hooked me up with something more than my normal lip gloss, mascara, and shimmery beige eye shadow.  Check me out,  I got to be a guest FOTD ( Face Of The Day).  Apparently I don't know how to smile, but my makeup is looking fierce.  I love, love, love the eye makeup and I will never be able to do it myself.
We had such a good time.  Check Brooke's blog out before you buy any new makeup, she seriously knows and has tried just about every product.  She also knows the best ways to make the most of any product.  I know nothing about these things.
You will also get a peek at her cuties, Owen and Lydia.  Icie and I love them and Brooke has been a great sounding board for me on mommy issues.  Hello the lady introduced me to Table Toppers, so she knows a thing or two about a thing or two.  I heart her!


  1. aw thanks boo *MUAH* love ya! and how in the heck do you make a button?!

  2. Woah, dude. So jealous of your mom weekend. Sounds like a blast! And you know I snagged that adorable button - and put it at the tippy top of my favorite's list!


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