Friday, August 20, 2010

Flashback Friday - Icie's First Concert

In April 2008 Icie had the pleasure of attending her first concert.  She was still in the womb, but I know she loved it.  It just so happened the concert was that of my first husband, Billy Joel.  In case you weren't aware, all the good stuff that Billy ever did, yup inspired by little ole me.  I was his muse in the days pre-Christie, pre-Katie, pre-bloated and multiple drunken nights spent running into various fences in the Hamptons.  Dave's a little jealous, but at the same time he's honored to be with someone who inspired such great music.
Okay, now that I have left my fantasy land, the real story was we attended the concert in honor of my sister's birthday. The concert was great. I wore a great stretchy wrap dress from Target.  I felt like maybe in that dress someone would realize I was pregnant and not just a fat ass.  It was still very early in my pregnancy, but I could not wait for the day that my bump would be obvious and not just a question mark on peoples' faces.  I was so anxious just to make it to June to find out the sex of our baby.  I was still convinced at this point that we were definitely having a boy.  I would remained convinced of that until the week of our ultrasound when I had some very vivid dreams that we were in fact having a girl. 

I was actually feeling pretty good the night of the concert and insisted on a rare picture of Dave and I together.  We took this picture ourselves while we waited for the concert to start.   The all day sickness I had been feeling was easing up a bit and was not nearly as intense as it had been during the month of March.  I actually felt like I was feeling some of the pregnant glow.  It was a great night.
I tried to take a picture of my belly without looking too suspicious.  I wanted to never forget how I felt that night.  The anticipation of being a mom was overwhelming and we still had such a long way to go. 
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