Friday, August 13, 2010

Flashback Friday ~ Two Years Ago

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This is my first time participating in a Flashback Friday link up.  Tia hosts this link up every week.  There are no real rules, just pick some old pictures and get all nostalgic.  In honor of Tia taking a little break this week to welcome her third baby to the world I thought I would flashback to my favorite part of being pregnant with Icie.
Two years ago this week I was enjoying the honeymoon phase of pregnancy. It was great, no more morning sickness, a cute bump, and great hair thanks to my prenatal vitamins.  This was just a few weeks before the cankles, sleeping hands, slightly high blood pressure and two weeks of bedrest kicked my butt.  I was enjoying the kicks and flips of a happy baby, washing clothes, and taking pictures.  I wish we would have done more of these pictures.  I had painted one of the walls in my kitchen area of our old house with chalkboard paint and one day decided it would be a great backdrop for bump pictures.  My "first" baby was still around and not quite knowing what to think of my growing belly and the invasion of baby products.  We had to put our little pup down around the time Icie was 6 months old but first he served as our official test pup.


  1. I really think it's imperitive that you check out my pic for flashback Friday... buwhahahhaha

  2. That is such a great idea! I've never seen it before.

    You were so beautiful pregnant! It looks great one you!


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