Thursday, August 19, 2010

Internationally Known

Have you ever tried to get a passport picture for a 20 month old?  No?  Let me tell you it's insane.  It was an exercise in futility.  After two locations and about an hour of attempts we were no closer to getting a shot that was acceptable to the United States Government. 
Icie was too short to sit in the chair and not have some of the chair showing in the picture.  Anything but an all white background and a straight on face shot is unacceptable.  We tried to get her to stand still without the chair while four adults made the case for stillness to one willful toddler.  The willful toddler won.  We gave up.
We left the county building defeated.  I looked like I had run a marathon.  My cheeks were flushed, my head was sopping wet and I was out of breath.  Trying to control a crazy girl in the midst of a busy government office was enough to push my normal hyperhidrosis into severe overdrive. Seriously, if you know me, or ever met me don't be offended by my sweating, don't comment on it, just hand me a napkin and get over it.  I can't help it!  The more I try to slow down or ignore it, the worse it gets.  So you can only imagine how bad I looked after having two offices full of people watched as I tried to control the wild child long enough for one stinking picture.
We were so disappointed about not getting the passport.  The defeat meant that Icie and I would have to stay home while Dave headed to Canada himself.  Why didn't we postpone the trip and all head out together when the passport debacle had been taken care of?  Well, because someone very special was in Canada. Someone my husband could not miss seeing.  My husband's older sister was be in Canada to take an intensive English course.  Again, you are probably thinking, what's the big deal?  Dave hadn't seen his sister in 30 years.  Icie and I were sad to miss meeting her, but I think it was a good thing for brother and sister to be reunited alone. 
Growing up in the U.S. it's so easy to take basic rights for granted.  It's hard for me to imagine being separated for 30 years by a mere 90 miles.  It took some luck and timing to bring a brother and sister back together and for that I am eternally grateful.  I only hope that the opportunity presents itself again when Miss Thing is old enough to understand consequences and threats so she can meet her Tia Aurora.
Since this blog is all about me, I have to bring it around to a self-serving pat on the back.  Wife, Check. Mom, Check. Now, What?  is internationally read, bitches ( that's slang, Aurora if you are reading this please don't use my last sentence as a reference to proper English)!

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