Monday, August 2, 2010

Model Monday~ 100th Post!

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I have made it to my 100th post!  I am so excited.  This blog has been a lot of fun for me.  I was somewhat uninspired however when it came to this 100th post.  I wanted to make it special.  I didn't realize it would fall on a Model Monday.  I still wanted to make it something a little more than a Model Monday post, but the inspiration was just not coming.  I had some major, major writer's block. 
I stepped on the scale this morning and was pleased with  reaching a milestone!  I am officially down 20 pounds since I started this whole process.  I am off track to reach my goal of 75 pounds before Icie's 2nd birthday(November 6th) but I am feeling committed and stronger.  I hope to make up some ground now that we've joined a local gym, but I am also trying to be realistic so as not to get discouraged.  I thought that hitting a nice encouraging number was a great way to hit my 100th post, but it still wasn't enough.  I needed something more special.
It's very hot and humid here in Mid-Michigan so we spent the bulk of our day enjoying our air conditioning and watching Icie make a huge mess of our living room.  Icie was having a blast.  Toys were everywhere.  We were letting her have full reign(not like that's anything new).  She was having fun and entertaining herself nicely.  Icie was behaving with one exception.  We have two air vents in our living room.  Icie is obsessed with pulling the vent cover off of one of them.  It's amazing the girl doesn't walk around say, "Damn it, Icie I said no!" for the amount of times I yell at her to leave the vents alone.  She's already mastered telling her toys, "No, no, no, that's bad" on regular basis.  The joys of raising a strong-willed child. Well, today Icie was extremely bold in her pursuit of the air vent covers.  She was straight up walking towards me with it in her hands, she's usually all sneaky about her crimes.  I couldn't believe it, she was pushing me.  Time out meant nothing to her today (not that it ever really does). 
Dave was replacing the cover for the millionth time today, when we realized we had a situation on our hands.  The blog gods had smiled on me with some inspiration.  Miss Icie was trying to call our attention to something and not be all out defiant for a change.  Then came the harrowing rescue!  Kitchen tongs and the extendable handle of the Swiffer duster were deployed.

I am happy to report that besides a little dust Foofa was unscathed by her Baby Jessica style ordeal of hours spent in the vent.  Icie made sure to keep her in her eye line for the rest of the afternoon.  You'll notice that she's in all the outfit shots.  They were taken just moments after the rescue. 


  1. Congratulations on your 100th post!! I look forward to your next 100.

    Gosh, that sounded like a corny Hallmark card. I'm going with it anyway, because I mean it. ;)

  2. I'm a new follower and was reading your past posts and wanted to let you know that I had that same problem with the vent covers when my son was younger. My husband just drilled small holes through the covers and then screwed them right to the floor. It worked like a charm! Hope this helps!


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