Monday, August 30, 2010

Model Monday - Not So Tiny Dancer

Dress ~ Crazy 8
Shoes ~ Gap Outlet
Bow ~ Gymboree Outlet

Dave and I both thought Icie looked suddenly taller this weekend.  We broke out the tape measure and sure enough she had grown a little over an inch since the end of June.  The dress she's wearing in these pictures is a 2T and I thought it would me a lot longer.  I think after a wash it may become a shirt. 
Icie and I will be on the road tomorrow.  We are heading to Pittsburgh for a what may become an extended stay.  My mom broke her foot over the weekend and Icie and I are on our way to be nurses.  We also found out my brother is a little under the weather, so it looks like we'll have two patients.  My sister is on duty with them today.  Icie is going to be my puppy care specialist.  My mom has three great dogs so Icie will be on play time duty.  Hopefully there will be some mutual wearing out happening. We are going to busy bees, but we are excited and ready to go!  It just sucks that it's the first week of school and Dave won't be able to join us on the trip.  I am hoping that being busy will help me burn some extra calories, because this week I was at a stand still on the weight loss front.  Everyone keep your fingers crossed around ten this morning, my mom visits the orthopedic surgeon then to see what the next step is for her poor little broken foot!

I am using this post to link up with one of my new followers.  It's a free for all link party, anything goes.  I decided to use a Model Monday post since it is one of the few things I do consistently.   Model Monday is all about accountability for me.  I am obsessed with fashion blogs!   I am just a little under confident to show off any of my own fashion at my current weight.  I have passed the duty onto  my little model, who seems to have inherited my love of fashion.  The goal here is to eventually be confident enough to join Miss Thing in the pictures for a little mother/daughter fashion fun.  I have lost about 22 pounds since I started this journey back around April. 


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  1. Congratulations on your 22lb loss!!! That is awesome!!

    Icie does look taller! I thought so before even reading she grew an inch+. She's a little skinny mini too so it makes her look even MORE taller.

    Let me know if you can take a break this week and we can get the kiddies together. It's LOUD here so we're more than willing to get out of the house lol

    I hope your mom feels better =( Tell her as a grammy she's needed in top form. REST UP and don't try to do too much!!!

  2. ugh.. I meant more tall. thats what I get for not reading before I post.

  3. I am so jealous of those shoes. Do they have them in grown up sizes because I would totally rock those!

    Hope everyone feels better...with such cute nurses how could they not?

    Also tagged you and passed on an award. Come by and grab them when you get a sec.


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