Monday, August 23, 2010

Model Monday - On The Mend

Top ~ Gymboree
Leggings ~ Target
Mary Janes ~ Old Navy

We are all starting to feel a little better today.  The boogies are slowing up.  I feel like I can somewhat breath. Icie and I actually ventured out to K-Mart today.  My favorite toilet paper was on sale, I couldn't pass it up.  I know my life is so glamorous and exciting.  Try to keep the jealousy to a minimum. 
My wonderful husband surprised me this weekend with a Macy's gift card.  I went out immediately on Saturday with the intentions of probably spending the card on Icie and Dave.  I hate shopping for myself anymore.  I was sucked in by a sale in the shoe department though and all thoughts of sharing the wealth went out the window.  Practicality went out the window, too.  The fabulous attendant in the shoe department told me it was okay.  Every girl needs a pair of platform cage stilettos,  his words not mine.  I have to agree.  I have no idea where I'll wear them, but having them in my closet makes me feel like less of a mommy.  I lost one more pound this week too, so that help as well.  I'm down 22 pounds in total.  Oh and please excuse my toes I plan on painting them when a little thing is napping later today.  I just need to decide on what color, purple, navy, or turquoise.  Any suggestions? 


  1. I love em! Jessica Simpson does make a hot shoe. Impressive, right?! She's found her calling!

    Paint those toesies turquoise! It's the color of Summer and Summer is almost gone! Let's hang on to it for a bit longer before the best season EVER (Fall) shows up!!!

  2. Those shoes are HOT!! Good for your...treating yourself. Work 'em, Mama. Work 'em!


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