Thursday, August 26, 2010

Office Space

One of the many reasons we bought our house was this great loft space that overlooks our living room.  We always intended it to be a family office space and a sitting area.  A few months ago in the midst of our Icie room remodel, I decided I was going to re-purpose our existing desk to be a vanity.  The desk is actually sitting in our garage now with it's first coat of paint drying. The loft became the mess you see above.  The desk drawers waiting to be unloaded and taken to the garage for their coats of paint and Icie's lovely tent ended up in the dumping ground.  We had a trip planned to Ikea a few weeks ago to replace the crib that met it's match with Bam-Bam, so I figured two birds one stone. 

Much better, right?  Well all except that damn folding chair at my new desk.  I can't decide what kind of chair I want there.  I want something comfortable, almost like an arm chair but light enough to moved around the room.  I came up with three options from Ikea.

All three are under $250 dollars and have multiple slipcover options should I get bored.  The $250 or less prices would allow me to add one of two more over time for the other end of the loft.  I thought they would be nice with a little table in between.  I'm thinking that when Icie and any future children are old enough for homework it will give Dave and I or both of us somewhere to sit and supervise. So today since thanks to my buddy Lacey I have some new followers joining me I'd ask for some advice, Welcome Ladies! Any suggestions would be appreciated, just remember cheap, lightweight, and comfortable. 
Oh and P.S.  that damn tent is in my living room now, we're going for toddler chic in that room.  Oh well it keeps her busy!


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  2. love it! wow what a difference! My vote is for chair #1... keeps with the lines of the room


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