Sunday, August 15, 2010

Teething Guards = No Joke!

A little over a year ago I walked through Babies R Us and scoffed out loud. I was with Icie and I looked down at her toothless smile and thought to myself, "These people are crazy, $19.99 for that!".
The "that" was a teething guard for my little toothless wonder's crib rails. Little did I know that a few short months later I'd be kicking myself. Here's a sampling of one of Miss Thing's crib rails

All four sides of her crib had varying degrees of little teeth marks.  The whole situation was making me sick. Dave and I had spent so much time redoing her room and her crib looked like a pack of wild dogs had had their way with it.  We debated back and forth about what to do with yet another thing that had become the victim of Bam-Bam.  I mean, really how much longer was she even going to be in a crib? Why not just make due?  Well, after living in denial for a few months thinking that surely around her second birthday, just a few short months away, she'd be ready for a big girl bed I came to my senses.  The many security breaches, the boundless energy, and the curiosity that she so honestly gets from her father brought me back to reality.  Why should I rush her into a big girl bed ?  Icie hasn't even attempted getting out of her crib yet.  The crib and her Pack and Play are my only senses of security when I'm here alone with her.  I know I can go to the bathroom or take the garbage out and by plopping her in one of the two she's happy as long as she has a few toys.
After weighing all these things out and checking a few websites, all I can say is; THANK GOD FOR IKEA! Yesterday we purchased Miss Thing this gem with teething guards all for $115! That includes the conversion kit to make this dandy a toddler bed. 


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  1. nice! yeah my kids cribs were both insane. luckily (I guess?) owens crib got recalled right when we were transitioning to a toddler bed so we got a brand new crib for Lydia for free. which she has been eating now as well, but whatever. lol maybe this one will get recalled in a year too ;)


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